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Why did Emma move?

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Why Did Emma Move?: Find our why she left the city?


Emma moved out of London for a number of reasons

We recently interviewed Emma who made the decision to move from Central London to the beautiful market town of Stamford – which has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the UK recently.

We asked Emma a series of questions around what was her decision-making as to why she made the switch from city to rural life and this is what she said.

How long did you live in London?

40 years

What did you like about London?

There are lots of great, exciting things about London. Diversity is the word that springs to mind. There is such diversity of culture. On any given day you can meet a new person from anywhere in the globe from A-Z, Argentina to Zimbabwe. You can have any type of cuisine at any point in the day from the best Michelin starred restaurants to the latest, freshest little pop up restaurants.  Fantastic museums, galleries, and theatres. In my opinion, the best shopping, from high-end designer and tailoring of Savile Row to handmade individual craft stalls on one of the many markets across town.  The parks, for a city, there are amazing green spaces to explore, from the cute little private park squares of Notting Hill to the vast open spaces of Hampstead Heath and Richmond Park.  Then there is the opportunity of being able to hop on Eurostar and be in Paris for lunch within a couple of hours.  There is lots to love about London.  Whilst there, it can feel like you are at the centre of the universe with everything at your fingertips.

What were your reasons for moving?

If I’m being honest, mainly the cost of property.  London is painfully expensive.  Even if you do mange to actually get onto the infamous London property ladder, you get very little bang for your buck!  You may then still spend an hour on the daily commute to reach the office.  I also wanted to be closer to friends that lived in the county and family in Yorkshire. Lincolnshire is the perfect sweet spot between Yorkshire and London.    Plus I was looking for a slightly slower, less intense pace of life.



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What were the challenges of moving out of London? 

Main challenge here was actually one of time management. Trying to view property in Lincolnshire whilst working and living full time in London.  I was spending weekends dashing up to conduct viewings.  Even spending long weekends here so that I could squeeze in more viewings.  But as we all know good properties go fast, so getting first in line for viewings sometimes posed an extra challenge and meant last minute holiday requests from work in order to race up to Lincolnshire.

Why did you consider Lincolnshire?

I had also considered the Cotswolds as I really love that region too with its beautiful Cotswold stone properties and stunning countryside. But the region is also relatively expensive in comparison and I felt there were are a lot of tourists and part-time holiday homeowners in what is a very popular region.  I decided on Lincolnshire for many reasons.  Property affordability, more “bang for your buck”. Equally, glorious countryside and parks. Wide range of market towns with lots of independent shops, restaurants and social activities.  Location is also excellent.  It’s so central to, well really everywhere!  It’s only a couple of hours from London, which is close enough to commute if needed.  Also, within easy reach of weekends on the delightful Norfolk coast.  Perfect halfway point between Yorkshire and London.  And if you need a flight,  there is a selection of airport options, East Midlands, Birmingham etc.

What would you have done differently about moving out of London to Lincolnshire? 

Mainly act sooner! Honestly wish I had moved 10 years earlier.  Also plan more.  I underestimated the time it takes to pack up a city life!  There is a lot to organise – get as much help as possible.

How long have you now lived in Lincolnshire?

17 months, I was lucky, I managed to escape London six months prior to the first UK lockdown.  So Lincolnshire felt very much like home and a safe haven during the pandemic.

What are the benefits of living in Lincolnshire?

Space is the word that I think of.  Relatively larger properties, gardens for the budget, than in the south of England.  Excellent transport links and within easy reach of the Norfolk coast.  Overall a better standard of living.

What do you like best? 

Wide range of social activities on offer, including some great independent pubs and restaurants. But as we have spent pretty much most of the last year in lockdown.  I think for me, I would say the key ingredient has been easy access to the countryside and great walks. Somehow the seasons seem more defined here.  I’ve been able to fully embrace the space and the beauty of nature in this wonderful county.  My daily walks and runs through the majestic Burghley estate have been revitalising.  Right through the first lockdown in spring and seeing the baby lambs arrive, through autumn and the dear rutting season and even the winter sunrise walks when the house was covered in snow during the recent sub-zero cold snap.

What top attractions, activities are good in Lincolnshire? 

Burghley, Christmas fair, fun run etc.. and the Stamford Georgian festival. Burghley horse trials Rolls Royce enthusiasts club – annual rally at Burghley, Lincolnshire show ground has many antique fairs so basically everything.

What do you miss about London?

Nothing really as I’m able to visit anytime I wish.  London has not vanished, it still exists. These days it’s nice to visit for a day or even a weekend, but it feels good to be actually living in Lincolnshire.  Of course, I miss some friends, but I find true friends have relished the excuse to “get away for the weekend” and love the opportunity to come and visit, so this hasn’t been an issue.  Plus, I have found the new Lincolnshire crowd friendly and welcoming.

What don’t you miss about London?

The pollution and the busy traffic and crowded streets. The high crime levels and high property prices too.

What would you say to anyone considering moving out of London? 

Take a leap of faith and explore what Lincolnshire has to offer.  Life really does exist outside of London.