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What can the rural life offer you?

City dwellers looking at swapping the perceived fast-paced life, hustle and bustle for something quieter in the country can think again!

If your perception of rural life is keeping yourself to yourself, fresh air and getting stuck behind a tractor, then you’ve been misled. In fact, there is a strong sense of community in a rural setting, along with the same interest groups, sports and pastimes.

But you can also get a lot more for your money in suburbia – a garden, home office, access to local amenities – that means a more rural setting isn’t necessarily the sleepy setting you may have thought…  

New housing estates set in rural locations can offer you a sense of community, with a wide range of activities you don’t necessarily have in an urban setting. Here are a things a rural life can offer:

  • Strong community
  • Less crime
  • Local amenities
  • Close to outdoor pursuits
  • Living expenses can be less

Have a look at some of the amazing things you can do in the local area. Or, if you would like further information, get in touch and maybe visit one of the wonderful areas across the United Kingdom.

Our local sponsor is also available to talk to you about local housing, old and new.