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Top 3 Reasons Why DINKs choose to live outside of London

While London living holds its appeal for young professionals, there are a vast majority of 20-30 year olds that choose to live outside of big cities. Here’s why:

1. I can afford my own house!

Most people want to be able to get on the property ladder as soon as they can. Starting off in a modest property and paying towards something you own is wise. With the ability to move and swap mortgages these days with relative ease, it’s not such a bind as people may think. Help is on hand with government schemes like Help to Buy.

2. I can get out and about without it costing me a fortune

With cycleways, the coast, gyms and clubs all available, there’s lots of choice of sports and clubs outside of the city. Culture, bars and restaurants are also in abundance – more than people think.

3. Safety

Young professionals are becoming increasingly aware that there is a trade-off between the ‘bright lights’ and crime. With knife crime on the rise, couples are choosing more rural locations to settle down

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