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Pocket the difference

Will I save money if I move to the countryside? 

The answer is most definitely yes, and the first exciting and big saving you make when you move out of London is on your property. Find out the ways in which you can ‘Pocket the Difference’ below…

The cost of properties in rural Lincolnshire are in stark comparison when viewed alongside properties in cities such as London! This offers the house buyer the opportunity to reduce your mortgage or pay it off completely! What would being mortgage free mean for you? One couple told us how they paid off their mortgage as well as purchasing a buy-to-let property nearby for some extra income. A smart buy and investment for an area that is increasing in popularity over the years. 

If someone is currently renting then the monthly payments is going towards a long term investment, with rent to buy purchasers upgrading after a few years. With people staying in their job and choosing to work from home, then the investment in a new property gives the added benefit of the more space and well being. View some of the properties with home offices, garages and gardens.

Lifestyle changes can also bring about cost savings. See the cost of living website here and compare a UK major city with Lincolnshire People are using their gardens to ‘grow their own’ these days which is bringing down the weekly food bill for some green fingered home owners.

Say goodbye to expensive commutes – fuel costs, train tickets, car parks all add while living in the cities, along with the congestion charge and the added costs of the London Underground. With cycle sales on the rise, some are choosing to even cycle to work, walk or use the local bus. Even if you do decide to drive then parking costs are usually cheaper or free!

Instead of a high mortgage or rent, why not put that extra, expendable income to treat yourself with more money to indulge in an activity, sport, part-time or hobby.

If you want to get more for your money, reduce your overheads or even have the chance to be mortgage free! Then start crunching the numbers or simply fill in this form below and someone will be happy to talk through what is available in the region.

Start to pocket the difference this year!