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Mental Health outside the capital

Mental Health outside the capital

Ahh! the work commute. The early mornings, traffic, finding a seat or a place on the tube, not to mention the cost – they all add to the stress levels over time.

When it’s yourself you might not see the signs. This, on top of your everyday worries that might occur in your home life, can get overwhelming. All the little things can add up, with the analogy of a filling bathtub or a ‘stress bucket’.

Mental health problems are on the rise in the UK and, while it is not confined to the city, people have been trying to reduce their stress levels by moving the fast-paced city life out of the equation. 

The thought of moving to a more rural, slower-paced life can be daunting. Will it be too quiet, how will we spend our time and will we be too isolated?

But these perceptions are often unfounded. There’s a lot to do in more suburban areas outside the city.

With Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire all filling up, Lincolnshire is fast becoming a much more viable option for Londoners. The county is between 1-1.5 hours north of London and has a lot to offer.

Families, young professionals, retired and semi-retired alike are moving to the area for many reasons. And many say the pressures experienced in the city, like crime rates and hectic commutes, are simply not there to get stressed about.

There are companies in the county that are flexible with working hours and there are gyms, clubs and thriving shopping and dining scenes.

For positive mental health in the region there are all sort of resources available.