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How has Covid-19 impacted on house moving trends?

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is going to change urban life forever.

Recent studies suggest that socioeconomic factors, along with population density to some degree, have played a role in the spread of coronavirus.

And, with rural areas coming out of lockdown earlier and the possibility of localised lockdowns due to potential spikes in Covid-19 cases, it’s no surprise people are looking to change their location.

For urbanites who favour city life, moving into the remote wilds of the countryside may be a step too far. Suburban life is therefore a good halfway step, with its nearby amenities and good transport links.

People’s changing needs means some house building companies are seeing a rise in viewings.

Larkfleet Commercial Director, Sam Hart, says: “We are increasingly seeing people coming to us from city locations looking to move to our new developments.

“They’re looking for a better overall quality of life, but close enough to the comforts they are used to, such as good transport links and leisure amenities.”

Migration out of cities is rising and individuals, couples and families are looking for the whole package:

  • Affordable housing
  • A nice, reputable location
  • Good transport & rail networks
  • Leisure, entertainment and other local amenities.

There’s still so much uncertainty surrounding Covid-19. But, it’s clear that life as we know is going to be impacted in the long run.

As remote working and the desire to move away from more densely populated areas become more popular, rural areas are sure to see an increase in housing demand.