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OAKHAM: Everyone wants to live in Oakham


City dwellers wanting to move to the countryside choose Oakham.

With the southern counties filling up fast and house prices skyrocketing, then there is no wonder there is a race to move to one of the prettiest towns in commuting distance from London.  

Oakham is fast becoming popular with families, young professionals, retired and semi-retired. Emerging out of lockdown people want to move to the countryside and Oakham is probably not the first place people search for in Google. But it is a hidden gem and with its new housing developments underway, there will be a race to grab a good deal and settle in this glorious market town.  


Oakham is an historic town and dates back beyond the 1100s and while many people dream of a cosy 18th Century cottage or barn house with Collyweston slate roofs, coveted properties like these are often fought over with dreams of TV style renovation projects. Most people simply want all the mod cons that a new-build offers like, off street parking, a garage, home office, decent sized garden and green space nearby. This is why the new-builds planned in Oakham are popular!  

Speaking with people who want to move out of the city to the countryside they explain that they often struggle to know everything about the region before they move. What is a town like Oakham like to live in? What is there to do in the surrounding area? 

Sam Hart, Director at Larkfleet, says: “With restricted movement around the country still, and pre-booking for most things commonplace, then simply ‘popping by’ has meant that most people are researching online.  



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“Searches online based on people’s previous criteria skew results and therefore people are missing out on some great properties in the countryside and towns like Oakham. 

Larkfleet are conscious of the time it takes to search and plan a house move, so we try to help where we can. Once someone tells us they are interested in moving to either Rutland, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, then our job is to help make it a stress-free decision.  

“By giving interested people up to date information on availability of houses and viewing times, as well as more background regarding the surrounding areas it will help them make an informed decision. For potential buyers outside the region this has been extremely helpful as we pre-arrange viewings around a selection of homes that fit their budget and lifestyle” 


Larkfleet New Developments - Oakham Rutland

So why Oakham?

  • Central with good transport links 
  • Decent commute into London and major cities 
  • History 
  • Countryside 
  • Groups, clubs and events  
  • Beautiful pubs and eateries  
  • Great schools  

Families, young professionals and people in general, are busy during the week, and with copious amounts of information available on thousands of websites, it is no wonder people are missing out on amazing towns like Oakham. Once people discover Oakham, then only to find houses are disappearing fast! The new housing developments currently being built and planned in places like Oakham offer lots of options. Buyers can even get their new house tailored ready for when they move in - much less hassle than an old property that will always need work! 

Due to the pandemic, as employers are only requiring staff to be in the office a couple of days a week or month, so people’s costs and time spent commuting have also been reduced. This has given people more options to relocate. Oakham is surrounded by some of the best natural countryside in the UK with a huge nature reserve, Rutland Water, on its doorstep. 

We have compiled a list of useful websites on Oakham and the surrounding areas to help you get a bigger picture of the area.  

If you are interested in moving to Oakham or the surrounding area then get in touch