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Best places to live outside London

One of the best places to live – move to Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is a large county with lots of rural areas and a long North Sea coastline on its eastern side. From the rolling wolds to the flat fens you will enjoy natural habitats across all of its landscapes. 

Property prices are lower than many areas of the country and homeowners can benefit from its pretty countryside, market towns, parks, seaside and nature reserves. 

Its capital Lincoln has a stunning medieval cathedral and Lincoln Castle, which houses a Victorian prison and a copy of the Magna Carta. 

With so much farmland and fields there’s an abundance of fresh local ingredients and great locally produced food and drink. Fish from Grimsby finds it way to many inland restaurants although some will say it tastes best eaten by the sea, especially at the world’s largest fish and chip restaurant on Cleethorpes Pier. 

Handmade Lincolnshire sausages are made of pork and have a distinctive flavour of sage. They are sold by traditional butchers throughout the county.  

Find your little corner of Lincolnshire and enjoy a new quality of life. 

If you’re interested in speaking to someone about the offerings in the area, or to come to Lincolnshire and view some of the Larkfleet Group properties, even stay for the weekend, contact us by completing the form below and we will be in touch.