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About the Authors – Why are we here?

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Why are we here: The reason for moving to the countryside?


Why did we do it?

It was about 5 years ago the originators of this site decided to leave London behind and move the family 90 miles north on the Cambs/Lincs border. Over time many colleagues and friends have followed suit. Some of them still work for London based companies and commute into the City regularly.


When the contributors of the site were looking they struggled for independent resource and information to rely on. A lot of the information was out of date or not relevant. People were being referred to the contributors to learn from their experience. The site was set up to help others.

The site’s views are purely our own and use references from other sites and so their accuracy is down to them. Our mission is to help others understand that there is a life outside of the big cities. Sources focus predominantly on East of England based on experience, but contributors take views from all other parts of the country as other viable places to relocate to.

If you would like to submit an article or have some views that you feel would help people understand that there is a region called the East Midlands with lots to offer, then feel free to contact us. Advertising on the page simply pays for the upkeep of the site and needs to be relevant to the main mission, so feel free to get involved.

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