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10 Reasons to buy a New Build Home

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10 REASONS: To buy a New Build Home 


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When you’re moving house, there’s so much choice out there and you will no doubt be weighing up the pros and cons of buying a new build.

Here’s a few good reasons to buy one:


Blank canvas 

A new home will be painted in a neutral colour and you won’t have to do seven coats of paint to get rid of someone else’s navy blue walls! You also won’t need to be stripping wallpaper, replastering or getting rid of artex. A blank canvas means you can get straight into painting your children’s bedrooms and your lounge to match your curtains and sofa! 

More sustainable 

Research by the Home Builders Federation in December 2019, found that 80% of new build homes have the top Energy Performance Certificate Rating of A or B, compared to just 2.2% of older properties, saving buyers around £700 a year on their bills. 

Many have solar panels built in, are more energy efficient because of insulation and double or triple glazing, others may have double flush WCs and restricted flow shower heads. 

All the latest energy saving devices make new homes on average up to four times more energy efficient than second-hand homes! 

Schemes to help you buy 

If you’re a first-time buyer there are a number of affordable home ownership schemes to help you get onto the property ladder. Incentives such as Help-to-Buy, HomeBuy and Shared Ownership are only available on the purchase of a new home. 

Some developers will also offer part exchange, saving you costs on selling your house. 




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10-year warranty 

Typically, buyers will be given a 10-year warranty designed to offer peace of mind that any defects in the home will be put right. 

The warranty is split into two periods. The first two years are covered by the defects insurance and if there are issues with the work the builder has done the company is obliged to come and fix them. 

The second period covers years three to 10 and is the structural insurance period. During this time the builder is only responsible for major problems with the structure of the house, not the smaller defects. 

The National House-Building Council (NHBC) is the most common, covering 80% of the new build market. Other providers are the Local Authority Control Warranty (LABC) and Premier Guarantee. They operate under the Consumer Code for Home Builders. 

New fixtures and fittings 

There’s nothing worse than moving into your dream (older) house and the bathroom is full of mould and mildew and the toilet is black inside. 

The oven is filthy and the kitchen is greasy… 

With a new build, all the fixtures and fittings are brand new and even better, can be selected from a wide choice before you move in! 

You’re guaranteed a spotless kitchen and bathrooms and your new kitchen may include an oven, fried and dishwasher, among other electrical appliances. 

No chain 

Not having a chain takes away the frustration of losing your dream home because the sellers have pulled out. 

If you are a first-time buyer, it’s simple, you can move in as soon as the house is ready without having to wait to sell yours. 


Minimal repair costs 

Moving into an older house can open up a can of worms once you’ve settled in. Various things don’t work, there’s cracks you hadn’t noticed, a door doesn’t shut properly … the list goes on. 

With a new build you can move in and get straight on with living your life and personalising your home without worrying about costly or time-consuming repairs. At this stage it is less likely to require the same level of maintenance that you'd face with an older property. 

And if you do find something that needs repairing, you can call in the builder and get it mended under the 10-year warranty. 


Builders will often offer incentives such as carpets, curtains, or an upgrade on tiles, for free as an incentive to buy. 

This could be to sell the last few properties to hit their targets, or to shift a house which isn’t in such a popular position. So it’s always worth asking why. 

There’s no harm in asking for free carpets or wooden flooring to be thrown in as part of your negotiations when you’re thinking of buying. Some builders might agree if it means a sale and they need one! 

Safety and security 

You will feel safe in your new build, from fire, smoke and intruders. The variety of built-in safety measures can help reduce your house and contents insurance. 

A mains-powered fire detection system (smoke alarms) will be installed in accordance with Building Regulations. If the house has a solid fuel burning appliance it will also have a carbon monoxide detector fitted as standard. 

New homes also come with window locks and British Standard 5 lever locks to main doors. 

Some builders will fit a burglar alarm and CCTV as standard, others will pre-wire for one. 

Smart home technology 

It may not be offered by every builder yet but it’s most definitely a trend which is becoming increasingly popular.  

Some builders offer several smart features in the construction of the home as standard with upgrades and add-ons available if the buyer so desires. 

And some developers offer a smart home option, which incorporates wifi enabled video doorbells, thermostats, light switches, garage door openers and smart door locks. All of these systems are tied into a cloud-based service such as Amazon’s Alexa. 

In conclusion 

So, if you want something that doesn’t need anything doing to it for a few years, is energy efficient and is built to modern standards, a new build home might be right for you. 

Also, first-time buyers can be on the property ladder in no time with the various help to buy schemes and no chain…

What are you waiting for?